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LIBRYMARKET© is a mutually beneficial cooperative system that allows you to easily find, sell and buy from local businesses, products and services. Direct to consumer.

Secure essential supplies, support local products and cooperatives, offering services directly to you at more affordable prices.

Sell or Buy directly from local producers, without intermediaries, by locating them on a map. Support a circular system. Join LIBRYMARKET and the power of local commerce!

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Discover Local Producers in all the World.

Shop at local producers. Better products. Better income. Better you!

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Buy Local Products. Transform Your Life & World 🌍

Fresh food & products produced by those who care about the planet, tastes better and is better for you and your health.

That’s not all! Buy directly from producers through LIBRYMARKET© and foster the success of independent producers that bring you the food you eat. Support a great community, local products, a healthier life and planet for you!

Know & Support the People that Produce your Food 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Easily find stores of the producers in your area. Hear their stories and learn what they do to make their products exceptional. You’ll make a personal connection that makes your experience special.

Unlock Your Power with LIBRYMARKET 💪

Discover the Best Local Sellers & Empower Your Life:

✅ Easy, intuitive and a powerful system made for you!
✅ Discover local stores with LIBRYMARKET© Map.
✅ Support local businesses - skip intermediaries!
✅ Access the best prices and quality products.
✅ Publish your store - any products or services.
✅ Support better, healthier and sustainable commerce.
✅ The world's platform for local producers, farmers and much more!

Save local heroes and join the tasty revolution 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️

Local producers are facing unprecedented challenges that also impact us. Support our campaign to help locals and save our food and supplies. Contribute and earn a percentage of the total sales. Without producers there are no supplies or food. Let's help!

✅ Support local producers and fair cooperatives. Publish your business, get customers, and fuel success.
✅ Buy directly from farmers and producers for fresh, quality products at better prices.
✅ Fund LIBRYMARKET Cooperatives for worldwide direct-to-consumer access, with part of the benefits going back to you.
✅ Roll with us! Crowdfund cooperative mobile trucks for a flavorful journey to your community.
✅ Help local producers earn more, ensuring better prices and products for you.
✅ Shorter supply chains connect farmers directly to restaurants or consumers.
✅ Secure our vital supplies and producers.
✅ Compensate local producers to teach their skills and earn additional income.
✅ Foster knowledge exchange and contribute to a circular system for humanity's survival.
✅ Increase awareness to save local production, resources and food supplies.
✅ Contribute to a vital cause!

Frequent Questions

LIBRYMARKET© is a cooperative organization dedicated to help and connect local producers with consumers. Supporting direct to consumer sales and purchases of products or services from small or big local producers, without intermediaries, at better prices. While also providing them tools and support to grow their business. In a circular system to sustainably preserve our local supplies for our survival and the survival of men, women, children and humanity as a whole. Securing the essential and needed human supplies we need. Creating cooperatives with fair prices for the local manufacturers and service providers. While creating jobs and helping a worthy human cause. Providing value for local producers and consumers alike!

LIBRYMARKET© allows you and other customers around the world to find local stores, products and services, and buy them local for better prices – without intermediaries. 

Direct Accessibility: Connect with local producers and services from all the world, easily finding the best businesses in one place.

Direct Purchases: Enjoy the privilege of buying local products directly from producers, ensuring authenticity and quality.

Cost Savings: Experience better prices when purchasing directly from local sources, eliminating unnecessary intermediaries.

Quality Assurance: Gain confidence in the quality of products, as direct sourcing ensures authenticity and freshness.

Personalized Matchmaking: Connect consumers with sellers tailored to their preferences and needs.

Ensure Basic Human Needs: Contribute to securing local supplies essential for basic human life.

Online Groups: Join local buyer and seller groups for enhanced networking and community engagement.

Foster Community Growth: Support local businesses and communities, fostering sustainable growth.

Discover More Benefits: Explore a multitude of advantages and solutions that LIBRYMARKET© offers for a rewarding experience.

A Platform for Local Sellers: LIBRYMARKET© offers the best online and offline platform for local product or service sellers to showcase their offerings and connect with direct customers.

Easy Business Publication: Sellers can easily publish their business details, photos and contact information in under 10 minutes!

Advertise Your Business: Showcase your business with a free company profile. Present yourself in a compelling way, enhance your online visibility, and experience business growth. Don’t miss the chance to start getting benefits for your business!

Direct Sales: Customers can find sellers and purchase products or services directly, fostering a direct buyer-seller relationship.

Promote Your Business: Elevate your business by featuring it in the top search results for increased visibility and higher sales potential.

Diverse Businesses: Sellers include local product manufacturers, farmers, service providers, seed sellers, essential human supplies providers, and more.

Business Growth Assistance: LIBRYMARKET© also works as an agency providing support to help grow your business and enhance its success.

Open Statistics & Visible Results: Access statistics and visible results through the control panel. Monitor the performance of your business publications, such as the number of views, clicks, favorites, and engage with customers through the chat feature. Gain insights into the effectiveness of our platform in real-time.

Social Media Visibility: Benefit from increased visibility on social media. We share your business across various social platforms. Join our local business and seller’s groups, tailored to specific regions, where we seek to unite thousands of members, ensuring your business reaches the right audience.

Coaching Connections: Connects business owners with coaches for guidance and support.

Strategic Alliances: Facilitates the formation of alliances, helping sellers secure better prices and strengthen their positions.

Preservation of Local Supplies: Aims to preserve local supplies by promoting and connecting local sellers with customers.

Visibility: Sellers benefit from our growing global network, reaching millions through social groups and generating increased visibility.

Currently, you can publish your business for FREE! Just create an account and add your business and contact details. To support our operations please contribute to the crowdfunding to help us save the local farmers and local producers, which we depend of for food and other vital items, through the various solutions we have created to save them, including this system. You can also make your business featured by purchasing a package to make it featured in the results.

By donating or purchasing a package, you help the collective action to save our food system. It also helps support LIBRYMARKET© operational costs, improve the system and help everyone find local food and services of the greatest quality. 

If you want to sell products or services, publish your business listing with your contact details. LIBRYMARKET© will provide you new clients and sales beneffiting you in multiple ways in a circular and mutually beneficial system!

All local businesses, product and service sellers, including local stores, farmers, services, seed sellers, restaurants and more, can create a store in our local commerce community. Explore a diverse range of offerings, from organic products and superfoods to home articles, cleaning products, gardening tools and sustainable goods. Don’t miss the chance to publish your business to make commerce better for you and the consumers!

– Use the LIBRAMARKET© Map Locator or search by category to find local sellers. 

– Contact owners, place orders via direct messages, or visit their physical stores. 

– Access your personal panel and favorites effortlessly. Message store owners through our internal system or using the contact details they provide. 

– Enjoy our user-friendly and intuitive circular system to benefit both buyers and sellers.

Free Publishing: Showcase your local business or service for free or support our platform and humanitarian service by donating to the CROWDFUNDING or SUBSCRIBING TO A PLAN.

Add Your Business: Add your local business listing, describe your products/services, add your best photos and provide contact details. You can do this in under 10 minutes.

Support our Platform: For just 4€ per month (0.13€ per day), you get extensive visibility, discover new customers, make more sales, and enjoy the benefits of our global network and alliances.

You Grow, We Grow: Contribute to the growth of your local business and unlock countless benefits for everyone via LIBRYMARKET!

Yes, you can! When publishing your listing simply place your location in the map, in the general area you are located. And introduce your contact details. Customers will be able to contact you to buy your products or services directly from you.

You can make your business featured by purchasing a Promotional Package. Your store will be visible and highlighted in our search system at the top positions. Customers will be able to find you faster and easier! This also helps LIBRYMARKET© cover its operational costs, continue development and make improvements to benefit everyone, local sellers and customers alike!

Customers can reach out to you through the chat system, offering a streamlined way for you to manage client communications. Additionally, customers can find your contact details on your business page, allowing them to contact you via phone, WhatsApp, Telegram, email, or any preferred method you choose to include. Moreover, your business page serves as an online space to meet customers. If you have a physical store location, customers can visit you and buy from you in person.

Absolutely! Your contribution is critical for humanity’s survival. Unite with us by donating to the Crowdfunding Campaign to Save Local Producers and the Food System. Every donor will receive a percentage from the total value of the LIBRYMARKET platform and sales of our services. By contributing, you’re not only supporting a crucial cause but also securing benefits for yourself, your future, and your family. Your donation is an investment in our collective survival, ensuring the continuity of local supplies, food systems, and the distribution of essential needs of human life. Act today, and reap the benefits before it’s too late!

1) Donate to the crowdfunding and earn a percentage. 2) Speard the word with your friends and all the possible people. 3) Share on social chats, groups and messages. 4) Talk about with local producers or businesses. Motivate them to join and publish their business to earn more income by selling directly to customers with our help, getting exposure from our network and using our unique and easy system.

We are busy working on LIBRYMARKET and getting the word out there. Please, check the frequent questions and all website pages first. The platform functionality is very intuitive. In case you still need help, contact us. Our team will respond to you as soon as possible.